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    Cycle Question Need Help!!!!

    right now i have pink thai dbols (100) and test 400. I heard the test 400 hurts like a bitch and isnt that great is that true or does it have great results and not to much pain? also if this isnt the stuff to take i need some recommendations on what i should take i wanna to get huge im 6'3 155lbs i wanna put on like 50lbs and get alot stronger and i just want to look bigger i would rather look bigger and have a good body rather then get great strength gains but both would be nice. Please let me know what would be some good stuff to take if the test isnt gonna be good. Thanks

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    According to your profile, you have been training for 9 months?

    If this is true, my best advice to you is to train naturally for another year to a year and a half.

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    You're 6'3 and only weigh 155. You need to just eat a lot and trian naturally for awhile. You will gain a lot of wieght by just eating. try it

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    You got a long ways to go before you need juice. I weighed more than you when I started taking aas and I'm only 5'8. Your body has a lot of natural potential especially at that height to gain at least another 25 or 30 pounds before you 'need' to hit up gear. If you took roids now you would gain that weight that you could have naturally gained. You'd basically be cheating yourself out of the gains you could already make without aas. When you hit that "plateau", then think about it. You haven't even hit a gradual uphill slope.

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