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Thread: How long???

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    How long???

    How long untill you lose all the waterweight from a d-bol cycle?
    I've been off of the d-bol for about 6 days now and i haven't notice any dropping of the weight. When are you SUPPOSED to lose it all? 1week? 2weeks??????

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    A d-bol only cycle? It should only be a matter of time before you lose all of your gains too. D-bol is great for a strength increase and for kickstarting a test cycle, but the long term gains are minimal. As the water goes away (within the next few weeks) so should your gains.

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    Once again Excess I bow to you.. you are correct.. You aught to try stackin with Deca , deca and Dbol go great together, the deca stays in your system longer and will help you retain your gains.. dbol is like a quick blow..

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