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Thread: My thanks

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    My thanks

    hello all, i wanted to thank you guys for your expertise and knowledge. my story is not a good one, i am 17 and started AS after my coach suggested it and friends as well. I was not however awear of this board and knew nothing of the side effects. after i started i told my brother about it because i knew he was into weight lifting and thought he might know somthing of the sort. he first got mad at me but then realized that i was ignorant and knew no better. anyways he referred me to this board to get suggestions. he is a regular on this board but will remain nameless. anyways after much thought and feedback from this community i have decided to finish my cycle since i already started and my test production was already stoped. I wont however use any more AS untill my body is ready and i plan to stay here during this time and learn as much as i can. maybe help out if i learn alot, however by the same token i know that many of you wouldnt want to get your information from a 17 and a half year old so i will do more listening then talking wich is for the better. anyways i wanted to thank you guys again and hope that maybe i can help some young people not to start when they arent ready from my personal expierence if anything at all. im on week 3 right now of a test and decca stack 400 mg a week of both, gained 7 pounds so far, although i know that week 4-5 is really when it starts to kick in so i must say that i am looking forward to that . thanks agian sorry about the long message

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    Well done bro you have learnt alot my friend keep the research up .......... AND GOOD LUCK .........

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    Your coach needs a good ass kicking! Good thing your brother is in the know otherwise you might have had some probs, especially if you didn't get some good info from one of the boards here. As for your friends, who cares what they think you should do, but your coach should know better.

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    it takes a lot of class to realize that you made a mistake, and then to admit it in front of all of us is even harder. i too am glad you had someone to ask, as it could have gotten rough for you if your brother wasnt there. imho, being 17, or almost 18, i would stop the cycle now, but thats water under the bridge already i guess. good luck brother and be safe in whatever you decide to do.

    peace bb79

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