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    First Post.... How much of a difference would I see?

    What's up guys. This is my first post on here, though I've been reading here for months on and off. If I were to do my first cycle of test en, how much of a difference would I see at 500mg compared to 400mg? I was originally planning on just doing a plain 400mg cycle for my first, but I figured if I was going to do it, 500 would be better, especially because I'm pretty heavy to begin with.

    21 years old
    268lbs( though I look only like 250ish )
    BF about 16%ish
    been lifting for about 6 years, seriously and intelligently for 2


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    bro....400-500 won't make a huge difference. I did 400 and saw good gains, but many recommend 500 for first cycle. Given your size, i would probably lean towards 500. Welcome to the board bro. you can learn a lot here.

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    Yeah 500/week will be good run for at least 10 weeks but you also have to remember it is not just the juice the diet is so crucial. since you are a bigger guy you could also just use this cycle to bulk and post cycle use clen to cut had several friends who have done this and had good results. You could also kickstart the first 4 weeks with dbol .

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