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Thread: hgh and insulin

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    hgh and insulin

    I have a friend on hgh right now. I was told with out using insulin with it, it is just a really expensive fat burner. I know insulin is very dangerous but he is very interested in using it with his hgh. I told him i would try to figure out what the proper dosage would be could you help me?
    takes 4iu's a day and weighs 283lbs(does that matter) if you need any other info jsut let me know.
    Thanks alot and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    True, You can't get big from GH alone. But, if he adds it to a cycle, it will work. If you or him don't have any exp. with Slin, I'd say stay far away from it. It's nothing to mess around with. That shit can kill you. And if he is under 30 years old, don't have him waste time with GH.

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    If your friend is interested in using slin he should come here to AR and research for himself.

    Then make a decision on his own, based upon the knowledge he has gained about the subject.

    Otherwise he may not really know what he's dealing with.


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