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    Exclamation About to start new cycle .. Opinions?

    Starting a new cycle.. Was thinking of this..

    Test Enanathate 1000Mg/w 1-6
    EQ 400MG/w 1-12
    Test Prop 100MG EOD 7-14
    Winny 50MG ED 7-14


    LIttle info on me.. 6'2 240 14% 25 years old ..

    4th Cycle .. Last cycle was The same test as above, 1000mg/w and eq 400 mg for 12 weeks.. worked well, but now looking to cut a bit..

    Been clean for 3 months..

    Thanks ..


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    I would increase the eq to 600mgs/week..Up your cardio a bit to help cut up a little...but everything else looks good...Good luck

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    If you're only going to run the test e for 6 weeks, id drop it all together and just run the prop.. Why are you running a gram for 6 weeks then dropping down to 100mg eod?

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    Seems like you should run the Test En for 12 weeks and use the prop at the end while the test en tapers out.

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    I would drop the Winny dose, unless you have used it before. 50mg every day is too much IMO. You can try it and see if it's OK for you(you do weigh more than me, so it might be fine for you). Try maybe 30-40mg ED instead.

    And ditto about bdtr's question. You shouldn't try to use enthanate for a kickstart, you should use the prop for a kickstart if anything(unless this was a typo?). You will probably feel the enthanate kick in by week 4; so you will only actually feel it for 2 weeks. So that's obviously not what you want.

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