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    Is this a problem dudes>??

    This is my problem;

    I get home around 4 5 aclock in the morning and get up around 3 in the afternoon. I take around 5000 cal and 250 to 300 prot and 800-900 ch a day by eating 5 meals.

    My question is ;

    Since I always get up late and stay up late then my body should have addapted to that fact and it wouldn't be a problem eating after 22 00 because this isn't a smart thing to do when you get up around 7 to 10 am and have a normal day.

    Is this a probl;em in my case ?

    I am growing good in muscle's and am in my second week of cicle now

    I take every meal after 3 to 3.5 hours of the last one

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    you are exactly right as long as you keep your body in a "cycle" (not what you are thinking) then it will be happy... get enough slep and enough nutrients (which it seems like you are) and you will grow... now, if you start going to bed at random times and getting up at random times you will have problems (not everyone though)... good luck with the cycle, what is it?

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    like medicine man said, you should be fine. just because it's light outside, doesn't mean you're body can't think it's night. as long as you stay consistent, you should be fine

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