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    help with test brands for cycle and something to replace EQ

    Hi, I need a good test that is farly cheep.. Last time I got the 50ml bottle of QV test 250, and that was a good dollar to mg.. I may get that again, but I hear there are some bad batches around.. Some extra input on that would be good.. I was wondering what other test I can look into that may be even better.. Also since I done 5 cycles, I was thinking of taking out the EQ, and want to stack it with something with better gains.. But will not do deca so dont ask.. I tryed deca before, wasnt worth it, period... Things I tryed: EQ, test E, sust, deca, winny, dbol .... I think it would be good to try something else.. SO I will take test, and replace the eq with? need some ideas..

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    You could use tren . Also, the bad batches of qv250 I think were for the latest 10ml bottles and not the 50ml bottles so I think you might be okay. You can always check the batch number before hand to make sure at:

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