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Thread: Good Cycle?

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    Good Cycle?

    About to start this cycle, but have some questions I wanna make sure about before I get started. This is what I am gonna run.
    D-bol wks 1-5 30 -35mgs./day...Sust. wks.5-10 500mgs/wk...EQ wks. 1-10 400mgs. Winny wks 6-10 50ms ED. I have clomid and Nolvadex , when should I start the clomid 3 weeks after last EQ and Sust. shot or 3 days after last Winny shot, I am confused about how that works. Also when should I use the Nolvadex, right after I stop the d-bol or later in the cycle, or do I need it at all, or should I use Prorivion. all suggestions welcome. Does this cycle even sound mapped out good, do I need more Sust. I am 6' 185 12%bf.....looking to get about 195-200lbs solid at about 9% bf. Thanx Bros

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    Sust takes a few weeks to kick in bro so it would be a waste to start at week 5

    wks 1-5 dbol 35mgs ed
    wks 1-10 500mgs test
    wks 1-10 400mgs ed
    wks 7-12 50mgs ed winn

    Have some anti-e
    Heres the clomid info

    Good luck bro

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    psyco is right. you have to run the sust all the way through bro. 500mgs per week. and eq at 400mgs per week. both for 10 weeks. run the dbol for 4 weeks at 35-40 mgs per day. leave the winny out. it is 17aa, the same as dbol. that is to long for your liver to handle. save the winny for next time. nolvadex is only used if you see signs of gyno. itchy nips, etc...

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    I'm with Psyco on this one!

    that's a great cycle, you'll see some great gains

    Keep us posted on your progress!

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