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    AS and anesthetic

    Iv just started a sust cycle at 500mg per week and in January i may need surgery using either local or general anesthetic. Is there any kind of danger of me not telling them im using steroids ?
    the thing is that iv been waiting a long time for this operation and i dont want to tell them im juicing and them turn to me and say we will do the surgery when all the sus is out of your system i.e 3 months for example!

    Im 23
    160lbs (lost loads of weight due to this same medical problem)


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    Your doc should no, I believe that AAS can cause your blood to thin causing more bleeding..someone ...for ex. Pheedno help me out if I'm wrong??

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    I doubt it would cause any reaction. It's just testosterone .

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    Test or any other AS can cause adverse effects in blood pressure from increased RBC. Heart palpatations are also a concern(I het them off test alone).

    I don't believe their we'll be any direct adverse effect from the two interacting, but other problems could arise. I would be honest with your doc bro.

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    I wouldn't think that there would be a problem, but you never know. Anesthetics are very powerful and dangerous drugs. It would be much better to ask your doctor than to make a possible fatal mistake of assuming it's okay.

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