Ok, baseball player...back one more time. 6'1, 205, 21 years old.

Here's what i got: Test Prop 1000mg, Winstrol 15 shots of 50mg, clenbuterol , anavar , and clomid. Looking at 50 mg Test prop EOD, 50 mg Winny EOD, and 20 mg Anavar ED. Advice/critiques/etc??? Should I mix in clenbuterol early or late, and at what strength. Of course, Clomid at the end.

Planning to mix Winny and Test P for glute injections...using 23 gauge, 1.5 . So 3 times per week, or 4??? I think I have aspiration figured out, but i plan to self inject, so any other last minute tips are appreciated.

Basically, this is one more post to make sure that there is nothing that i am missing or that i might be ignorant about. Any help/advice/confidence boost is appreciated.

Well, here i go.