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    d-bol bridge and pct !!!

    this may have been answered already but i did not find it, so i'll ask it again.i understand the whole concept of the d-bol bridge(great article by the fonz on it) but i am not clear on when to start it. do you start it right after your cycle, do you start it during your clomid therapy? do you do it after the clomid? when exactly do you start the dbol ??? anyone who has done this would be a big help

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    When you start is up to you bro. I'm currenty on a 10mg/ED d-bol bridge and am very pleased with my results. I started my bridge appr. 10 days after starting my clomid. Just make sure you take your dose first thing in the A.M.

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    I prefer to start it after clomid therapy so that you have a maximum chance at recovery with minimal catabolism.

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    starting after clomid would be ideal IF you dont lose gains during clomid...some ppl seem to lose alot of gains during clomid though so it depends on the person(though some ppl also associate losing water with losing gains)

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