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Thread: rite path?

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    Arrow rite path?

    i know that if i keep my protein high in my diet n eat clean, i can make good natural gains, cuz im 19. wut kinda gains r we talkin bout exactly tho? im 6', 190lbs bout 14%bf, n with just a proper diet n hard trainin, wut kinda progress can i make in bout 9months? like 5 or 10lbs of muscle? cuz i know that if i take sum gear (600mg test enan for 12weeks and 30mg dbol for 4weeks) i can easily hit around 220lbs, but im kinda hesitant cuz every1 sayin im 2 young for the sauce. i jus wanna get real massive, i know it takes time but yea jus wanna get ur guys opinions (educated opinions, not those stupid fuks that think they kno everything wen they dont know shytall) u kno who im tlakin bout, my bros will help me out herre, thanks guys

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    Your gains really depend on you. I will tell you that it will be hard to be "massive" while eating "clean". I personally would sugest a 5000 calorie diet and take in 500g of carbs and 300-4000g or protien. This will defintly make you bigger but it wont be all lean muscle.

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