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    supplements while on cycle?

    Okay. I'm beginning my first cycle this week. 500 mg sustanon per week. I'm wondering, from someone whos done it; should I take creatine and aminos during my cycle, after, or both? I figure I'll be losing muscle after the cycle, so I'd want to start then. But I also figure that I'll want to gain as much natural muscle while I'm on the sauce. I'm not a rich man, so I was trying to decide what to do and when, but I'm sure I can pull enough cash together to do both if thats what we all agree on. You can call me the AR guinni pig!

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    A supplement pyramid I put together here awhile ago... start with the basics and work your way up...

    ..........///////AAS/Prohormones/Metabolites\\\\\\ - additional support for recovery
    ......../////////Creatine/ECA Stacks\\\\\\\\\\\\ - cutting/bulking choices
    ......///////////Free-Form Amino Acids\\\\\\\\\\\ - glutamine, BCAA, ...
    ....////////Whey Protein/Protein Powders\\\\\\\\\ - increased mucsle growth ability
    ..////////////////Multi Vitamins, EFAs\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ - additional nutritional support
    //////////Whole Food Sources and Water\\\\\\\\\\\\ - the basics

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    Multi Vitamins are always essential in my opinion.

    Creatine isn't necessary during AS, I'm sure for other reasons, but the added water retention isn't great.

    I take Aginine, Taurine, Glutamine and Vitamins.

    I would say that vitamins and glutamine are going to be your best to use.

    You shouldn't loose all that much muscle after you stop your cycle if you do the basic PCT of nolva/clomid.

    Good luck.


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    i also take milk thistle, and cranberry extract while on a cycle..if you're only taking sus though, i dont think you'll need it

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