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    Does Arimidex put a hault to your progress like nolvadex does?

    usually when I'm taking 750-1000mgs or sus/week and d-bol 40 mgs/day, I usually don't start taking nolva until the 5th or 6th week, sometimes longer if the nips are still OK

    But when I do, my gains seem to slide dramatically, I know retaining water helps in many ways to increase the muscle diameter and lube the joints etc... but by preventing those estrogen sides my strength is decreased also.

    but since Arimidex blocks the conversion from test to estrogen,
    preventing the water bloating etc.. will my strength diminish also,
    or will the increased amount of test I have now make up the difference?

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    No, arimidex is by far better product than nolvadex and it won´t put a hault to your progres. The only problem with arimidex is price.

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