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    What is best to help recover from an injury


    I have torn my calf muscle. The doctors tell me that my achiles tendon is intact. However, My calf is badly injured and I will not recover for a long time. I have stayed in shape naturally for years(6'3" 205lbs 6%bodyfat pre-injury) and now I am sitting on my ass wasting away.

    I would like advice on what type of steriod /s would help the best to help heal such an injury. I do not care about gaining 30lbs of muscle or losing 15lbs of fat. If that happens fine, if it doesn't fine if my hair falls out maybe not so fine!, what I care about is getting my leg healed.

    I have already seen doctors and had X-rays and MRIs..They know I'm hurt, they believe the tendons are fine, and they will not operate on the muscle unless they are sure they can remove 'calcification' if the healing goes poorly. The information I am looking for is what I can take that will help me the best!!

    Thanks for your time

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    In my opinion I don't think any steroid will help speed up the healing process of your leg. I would just work out the upperbody to keep one part of your body inshape while waiting for the legs. And maybe use one of those hand bike machines for some cardio.

    To help with the healing up you could possibly up your beta Carotene intake along with vitamins E and C along with alot of protien is all i can think. Good luck man, I am currently recovering from some surgery my self (appendix). Although not as bad I'm sad to be out of the gym myself.

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    Steroids is not the answer.

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    Sorry bro. Steroids can't help you recover from your injury. You'll just have to give it time, and listen to the advice from your doctor on how fast you can get back into heavy training. I know it's frustrating, but the majority of guys on this board have been through it to one degree or another. Good Luck.

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    HGH . . . the little slip of paper that came with mine says

    "For major operations -- 10 iu/day for a period of 10 days is recommended.
    For topical application to wound or ulcer surface -- .2iu/cm3 3 times a day

    So, I'm guessing that if HGH can accelerate tissue healing after a major operation, it could help a torn muscle. If you don't mind spending the $$ for the therapy, you could do further investigation on its efficacy on torn muscle tissue.

    Good luck . . .

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    the only thing I could think of if hgh too. but that is a costly option. I would do some additional research.

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    I think if hgh was needed then the doc would of prescribed it. I would just put this in the hands of your md, and do what ever he says. Maybe ask him about therapy.

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    I was thinking of HGH too. It doesn't hurt to ask about it as a possible treatment.

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