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    from 50 mg to 100 mg winny

    currently on a winny only cycle (first) 50 mg ed. Im 14 days in and am thinking about raing it to 100 mg ed. How long will it take to feel the increase ?

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    I would have ran test in that cycle.............. not worth the money you spent for the little bit of gains you will see JMO

    If this is your first go with winny 50mg ED will be fine............ 100mg ED and you will be asking for lots of pain, if prone to hair lose it will fall out faster........ I would leave it

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    There's no reason to use 100mg of Winstrol ED IMO

    You're just asking for trouble with it being 17 AA

    To hard on your liver and I'd hate to see how bad
    your joints would feel at that dose too

    50mg is more then enough to be effective and
    I hope you're not using it for more then 6 weeks

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    there's no reason to run win alone, 50 or a 100

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    Have patience. It took me 2 weeks for it to fully kick in. Give it more time. 50mg ED is plenty. Winstrol is hard on your joints, if you up it you could be asking for trouble.

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    100mg of winny and you may shit out your guts

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    Allright dudes, i'll stay on the 50 mg....

    to buylongterm:

    What were your results with winny ?

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