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Thread: heavy or light'

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    Question heavy or light'

    wassup guys

    im going to start a cutting cycle soon and i was wondering if i should train heavy or light using alot of reps

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    as heavy as you can go for reps between 8-12 with shorts rests. only rest about 30-60 secs between sets

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    Both, best to work all the muscle fibers. One of the "gurus" at ISAA says it is the best way to target the body for optimal muscle growth. Basically you want to trigger growth in the red AND white fibers not just one or the other. I will try to find the study on it to be more clear.

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    as heavy as you can bro. it keeps your muscle mass where its supposed to be. i always start out with a very heavy compound movement, and as the workout progresses, i up the reps and use lighter weights. a bigger muscle is a more cut muscle when all is said and done.

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    Ya! train heavy to keep the mass!

    But maybe add a set of defining exercise at the end of each workout

    eg... Cable crossovers at the end of chest training, for bringing out the striations.

    A set of sissy squats at the end of training legs etc..

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