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    Fina Cycling Info "NEEDED"!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which of these testosterones would be perfect for getting maximum results when stacking with Trenabol (British Dragon)?

    -Sustanon 250 (Organon)
    -Testabol Cypionate (British Dragon)
    -Testabol Propionate (British Dragon)

    Everyone is more than welcome to share their personal cycling info.

    Please list the 3 D's.

    I am trying to gain quality mass of the fina and trying to bulk of some type of test and anything else.

    I'm 220 6'0 and I've been cycling Deca , D-Bol, and Sustanon 250 and Bridging with EQ on and off for a year now.

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    My suggestion - come off what you're cyling now. Take a break for a few months. Let your libido, natural test levels, and everything else get back to normal before you try and throw more stuff into your body.

    Next, check your diet if you're looking to gain LBM. This is a must whether you're cycling or not and have intentions of gaining / losing / maintaining weight.

    Finally, for the 3 D's as you like to call them. Not trying to be a dick, but do some searching on your own. There's tons of past threads on the 3 D's.

    Even the 3rd D has it's own forum :

    I will give you credit where credit is due - you're one of the few who look to run Tren with any test ester.

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    I know how to diet. I'm trying to get info from members. I am not taking anything now and will not start soon. Trying to get info so that I can get my gear together.

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    I am not a rookie to gear, I am a rookie to TREN .

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    Duration recommended is eight weeks max
    dosage depends on the mg/ml but u can try eod if you can stand all the pins,
    diet high protein with low to moderate carbs (fiberous)
    any other questions PM me

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    8 wks max on the first go-round. It can be run longer, but it's definately not advised for the first time.

    Prop would be my choice of test. You have to jab yourself ED with tren anyway, so might as well use a test that won't produce as much retension, and can be timed better alongside the tren

    Need to know your previous dosage history to offer dose suggestions, but a 6' 220, 75mgED for both compounds sounds good.

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