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Thread: feedback needed

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    feedback needed

    I am currently 2.5 months into my GH cycle. I just upped the daily dose to 4iu from 2.4iu. This change was done about 2 weeks ago. Also 2 weeks ago I started 8mg of Winstrol capsules daily and test-cypianate 200mg/week. I am 6 ft tall and weigh 302. My bodyfat is at about 25% (guess) and I am wanting to get ripped, not show shred condition but about 10-15% bodyfat.

    My doctor who prescribed everything to me says that I will see great results from this stack due to this being my first cycle of anything in over 10 years. I have only seen slight results to date. Am I being impatient?

    Please inform.

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    You should be seeing tremendous results by now for diet and exercise alone.

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