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Thread: Detection Times

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    Detection Times

    I am planning on a test and eq cycle at the beginning of this coming year. It will be probalby 400 mg of test e and probably 300mg of eq. I might go with 500 and 400 not quite sure yet. Depends on source and amount of gear i can get. My question is how long will these show up on drug tests? i read the detection times on this site. I was just wondering what some of you alls experience with this. I deffinately cannot have anything in my system by the beginning of June or middle of June. My cycle will be 10 weeks. Will this give me enough to time to clean up?>

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    depends on who's testing you and what they're testing for. most standard work related drug tests do not test for juice, only rec. drugs (coke, meth, amphs, lsd, etc). now if you're getting tested for a sport, i wouldn't recommend running the EQ, as it's detection time is 2nd longest to that of deca .

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