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    Need Help For Contest! Experienced Answers Only!!!

    Bros, I am going to enter in the Muscle Mania Delta in New Orleans next October.

    Right now I am 5'9", 225lbs @ 14% Body Fat. My goal (for the contest) is to get down to 185-190 @ 2-4% Body-Fat (ripped).

    This will be my first contest and I have a few questions for the EXPERIENCED ONLY! I need logical and helpful answers.

    1.) Right now I am taking in 3,000 cal. and 350-400g. of protein per day.
    Considering my stats, should I gradually increase my calories 200-500 per
    week and my protein 20-50g per week?

    2.) What would be the best cycle for me to take when preparing for something
    like this? I know not to take Deca because it stays in your system for almost a
    year. I don't want to spend too much money because I still have to get all my
    supplements, food for bulking and food when cutting and so forth. I have done
    a pretty good job naturally, but I need just a little more lean mass! (doesn't

    3.) Depending on my Body-Fat% at the time, I think I should start cutting about
    16 weeks before considering it's my first contest. I have to find out what really
    works for me. Should I take a cutting cycle being that close to the show...(drug
    tests an what-not)?

    The contest is a year away, but I am going to start planning now. I have to be very strategic in my nutrition and workout plan in order to come out on top.

    I don't want to go up on stage just to have my picture taken. I want to win the damn thing!!!

    I hope you guys can help me out!

    Thanks bros!!!!

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    bro one suggestion for you. i have been to Swole Cat's website and he seems to really know his shit about bodybuilding diets and training. i am actually gonna use him after New Years. I am in no way affiliated with him but am just suggesting you check out his website with pictures of all natural results..

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