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    help needed to create my first cycle, time is running out

    I was able to back out of my original cycle before it was to late. I am still dead set on doing a cycle. Please help me do it in the most productive and safest way possible.

    My goals are to loose extra body fat and make some nice quality gains that I can keep most of. I dont have to become huge, most important is athletic performance, keeping my gains, strength, and good looks.

    I am 19 and have been weight training 2-3 days per week for a year. I am 5' 9'' and weigh 160lbs. Six months ago I had very low BF but I slacked a little and put on a little gut hiding my abs and a little BF in other areas that use to not have any.

    Since I am a novice I would like to try to keep it pretty simple. I will do injectables but would like to avoid anything that I will have to take several pills to prevent side effects.

    I am considering 4 weeks 50mg dbol perday, nolvadex everyother day while on dbol, 8 weeks 50mg winstrol injectable (better on liver than pills?) careful use of cytomel during the 8 weeks, and 3 weeks clomid follow up after quitting everything else. Does this sound good?

    Please let me know if this is good for what I want . If it isnt what I should use please help me create a good simple cycle. I have to decide very soon.

    I am really desperate for good advice. I will appreciate all that I can get.

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    You're way too young... but if you insist on doing a cycle go with primo, it will stunt your future growth the least.

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    ok bro, i wont preach to you about your age as you seem dead set on doing this anyway.

    first off, completely scratch your idea for the cycle. winny is 17aa no matter how you take it, so is dbol .

    run test enanthate at 400mgs per week and eq at 400mgs per week for 10 weeks. run the dbol at 35-40 mgs per day for the first 4 weeks then discontinue it. nolvadex is not to be used unless you have signs of gyno, just keep it handy. forget the t3 for now. of course you will need clomid for post cycle and also run your clen post cycle.

    your diet will determine your body fat%, not the drugs you take. keep your fats low, your protein really high and find a home for carbs somewhere in the middle.

    hope this helps.

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