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Thread: EQ/Primo/Winny

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    I was just wondering if anybody has evered used EQ.Primo,Winny, as a cutting cycle. If yes how were your results. I plan on using EQ at 400mg/wk, Primo at 400mg/wk, and Winny at 50mg eod. Thanks for the feedback

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    never used EQ, primo and winny alone in a cycle so i can't give 1st hand knowledge.......i have never run a cycle that didnt have some form of test in it.....

    run the winny everyday at 50 for 6 weeks...

    i would like the stack more if you did test/ EQ/ winny
    and ran the primo through the end of the cycle to maintain your gains, but thats just me..........

    also you still need to run clomid at the end of the cycle.......

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    add some test in the cycle..eq/test/winny or primo/winny/test....or this is good too...deca /eq/test

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    Yes, I have run before and you will be pleased assuming all other factors are present.

    As the others stated, add a test. I opted for Virormone (prop) as I could easily manipulate levels. Advantage over the LT inject tests. such as a testaviron or sustanon .

    100mg EOD of propionate will suffice.

    Run the winny ED, not EOD, (take Sundays off if you must) for six weeks.

    Run the Virormone, EQ, and Primo for 8 weeks.


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