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    Question still need more advice

    I am a senior in college, and I am 22 years old, 6'0" and 175-180 lbs, since it fluxuates depending on my workouts.... I have been lifting for aproximately three years, more off and on before that, and recently do to a lack of results.... I have tried suppliment after supliment and have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me to grow..... I mean i get stronger, but never do i gain size, or weight...... So like I said I am 22 and have been doing some reading and you tell most people not to do them until they are at least 21, well I am now, and i am looking for any advice on which steroid or steroids i should take... I dont plan on being a regular user, i see myself maybe using a cycle here and there throughout my life to make some gains... What I am looking for is the best choice to give me my desired results.... Now here they are, i woud like to urn some fat, i have recently all but given up on drinking and would like to get rid of the beer belly that i do have, even as small as it is. I would also like to gain at least ten punds of pure muscle mass, and keep as much of that as possible... Also I am on somewhat of a limited budget. If anyone can tell me what the best choices i have here are, and iveme advice, im very open for it, I would appreciate it greatly... Thank you.
    I have gotten a couple of replies, but my thread just mved down the list, so I reposted to try to get some more opinions...

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    bro.....myself,jersey and nathan already gave you what you need to start out.

    test - 400-500/wk
    deca - 400/wk (may substitute EQ 400-600)
    winny - 50mg per day (6 wk max)

    im sure everyone will agree with this choice.....because they already did.....later bro

    sure other things like tren , dnp etc will give faster results..and alot of people like prop (hell of alot of shots for a beginner).....but this is in my opinion the best choice for a beginner....2 shots per week max with great can even substitute dbol for winny if you want more of a mass cycle........

    i hope you find what you are looking for bro.........

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    i think viper and jerseyjuice hit the nail on the head with their advice.
    heres what they said "I agree, that's a great cycle! I'd go 500mg of test (your preference which kind) 400mg of either deca or Equipoise run that for 10 weeks. 50mg of winny everyday for weeks 5-10. You should see some great results if your diet & training are in check.

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    To start, and this is no flame, SAVE YOUR MONEY. If you are truly interested in doing a cycle, DO IT RIGHT!!!! Buy the right gear, buy the right amount, HAVE ALL YOUR GEAR BEFORE YOU START, including Clomid, Nalv, etc. Have your sticks, have your routine down. Loos the gut??? Cardio and diet. Plain and simple. Best way to do it. Need diet questions, ask Tobey. Probably the most informed person here about diet in my opinion. As for a stack, There are hundreds of opinions out there and you have to pick the best for you. Some guys swear by Sus250 and some think it's shit. Try this, go to member pics, find one that most resembles the body type you want. Be within reason here though. AS can only do so much so dont pick someone whos 260 at 5'10 and think one cycle will get you there. After you find that body type, ask them what they did. Get their opinions. Arthurb1999 seems very knowledgable so ask him also. Post your routine and diet and see if it's lacking. A lot of knowledge here so your plateau could be busted by a change in routine. Use the SEARCH button. It helps a ton. Again, with $$$$, if you want to drive a Porche dont buy a Chevy. Wait another year, work on your diet and routine, save your $$$ and you may bust through your
    plateau naturally. I'm not disuading you from doing AS. Do everything else to the max first, then make that decision. JMO

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    Viper knows what he's talking about for sure...but if you are REALLY strapped for $$$ I KNOW you could make great gains on deca /winstrol alone. This was my first cycle and I gained close to 22lbs and kept 18-19lbs. Ask Arthur, he'll tell you the same thing!! Test is, by far, the most popular and practical and gives great results, but IMO your first cycle does not HAVE to be so strong in order to see results. I ran deca @ 400mg/week x 10 weeks and injectable winny @ 50mg/EOD from weeks 3-8. I started clomid 3 weeks after my last deca shot. Nolvadex was not needed because the winstrol helped to counteract the progesterone sides from the deca. Again....I'm a rookie as far as gear goes and I'm only offering MY personal experience. Keep reading, keep researching and keep asking for input....make the choice that YOU are most comfortable with...good luck bro.

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