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    Question American Regent Labs

    Are any of these bootlegger companies worth it. How good are the
    tokkyo's and the I.P.'s and American Regents Labs. Are the Finatest,
    d-balls, and E.q.'s just a bunch of b.s. . And if there not what
    should i be doing with them, i have buch and do not know if i want to
    start using them. I have been in the game for a while and have no
    problem with my past products but now i have just been able to get
    my hands on just the bootleg labs and not the real deal so i am very
    intrigued to try them but at the same time very cautious. please
    someone hook it up. I just got a bottle of this finatest by
    AMERICAN REGENT LABS.and it does not look too safe, is American Regent Labs
    just a bunch of back yard
    bootleggers. I just want to find out if i can start taking it or if i
    should try to find another form of "Tren " , and what is the best band
    to get. Plus i have a bottle of the Tokkyo 200mg e.q. and i am not
    to worried about using it but i just wanted to see if there is anyone
    else around that has tried it.

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    I dont know but i will bump it for you......

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    Never used ARL, but I am fixin to place my first TTOKKYO lab products after readin good reviews on their stuff. Sorry can't be any more help than that, maybe some of the other vets could help ya.. good luck.. and if you need some where to dispose of that stuff, let me know, I have a perfect place.. My house..

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