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    health ? on steroids

    Hey everyone, in case you didn't catch my opener in the new member room, my name is flextor, im looking for some advice on AS, ive only tried a couple of steroids , ex, deca , d-bol, t-400, and currently QV Stan 50, but i have never finished a cycle, nor do i take a large dose, to be quite honest, im a hypocondriac, and scared i will hurt my liver. Could you guys give me some advice on how much juice it takes to do considerable damage. Right now im shooting the stan at 2Ml twice a week, or 200 mg a week. Any info would definitly be very helpfull, you guys have good experience, so ill trust my peers, Thanks Flextor

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    if your a heavy drinker and have already damaged your liver, your liver may already be damaged, and sauce doesn't help...i don't think that a few 10-12 week cycles affect liver values compared to staying on a cycle for a great length of time... if you run, a high anabolic for long periods of time with no off cycle, then you run a larger risk off damaging your body... but if you cycle, then take time off, then cycle again meanwhile increasing your dose each consecutive cycle, you do not run as much risk as just running a cycle for a greater length of time i'm assuming your liver values return to normal after you cycle....

    correct me if i'm wrong...
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    Stay away from orals is my best advice.

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    you need to shoot the stanazolol at 1 ml eod instead of splitting 2ml every 3 days. stan is a short acting ester and is out of your body after 1.5 -2 days. your blood level isn't getting constant and you aren't going to get the full effect of winny (stanazolol) the way you are currently shooting it. personally I use it 1 cc ed to get the best results.

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