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    Please answer a few small questions.I have to decide in 1hour!

    After doing a little research I have decided on winny 8 weeks, eq 8 weeks, clen 8 weeks and 3 weeksfollow up of clomid.

    Will there be any negative results taking winny pills instead of winny injectables?

    With this cycle do I need to take anything to keep estrogen cycles down, or is the 3 week follow up on clomid enough?

    Is there anything else that has to be added to this cycle?

    What % of my gains should I be able to keep.


    Please let me know what you think. I have too meet with my source in one hour.

    Thank you

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    run the clen 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for optimal fat loss, after about 2 weeks its only use is as an anti catabolic which you won't need being that you are on gear.

    Do you NEED to add anything else----Nope, just make sure you have nolva on hand just in case. Or you could run arimidex to help with your fat loss but that is a long story.

    No difference between winny pills and injects except IMO injects are stronger on a mg/mg basis.

    How much you keep is dependant on what you do post cycle, how far past your genetic potential you are, lots of things, that cannot be determined.

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    No real difference between winny tabs and injectable. Both are still 17aa and so are hard on the liver any way you slice it. If this is your first cycle, don't run the winny the full 8 weeks. Max 6 weeks IMO. Clen 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off as kizer said. You may want to consider running the eq longer as it won't really take much effect until 4-5 weeks in.

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