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    in your head

    first time with sust

    this is my first time using sust 250 i just took my second shot and my ass is throoooobing anyone have this happen? also i was thinking of shooting it into my thigh but am not sure how far to put it in??

    where would i be without this message board

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    Under your bed.

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    Never throbbing for me dude. . ..if u do it in ur thigh use one inch needle. . and u can stick it all the way in. . i had bad experience with injecting in my thigh so will never do it again. . .but thats just me! some people love it

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    stick the 1" pin all the way in your thigh... as for the sust. I always feel like i got charlie-horsed shen i do glute onjections of sust... wherever i may shoot it it always seems to be tender and im assuming its from the prop because when i shoot deca it doesnt happen. Its nothing to get worried about unless the area gets red and hot to the touch.

    hope that helped

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