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    what do ya think?

    Next cycle im running I plan on going with milder roids and I want to minimize water retention and put on as much quality lean muscle possible. Got a great clean diet Rich in protein. I shotting to run these-

    Anavar -?
    Primobolan Dep.-?
    Winny 100mg eod- thinking 7 weeks
    Test prop-100 mgs eod- how long?

    I have ran winny in the past but none of the others therefore im not sure how long to run what and at what dosages. I would appreciate some critique or suggestions. Thanks

    In the past I have ran a 10 wk enan cycle, a d bol sus cycle, and a eq,cyp,and winny cycle. Loved them all.

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    i would just stick to test prop/EQ/winny

    i cant tell u anymore unless i know what dosages u took for ur past cycle(s).

    i think primobolan and anavar should be left out. test prop wil lstill give u a bit of water retention, if u want to minimize water retention just use liquidex or arimidex .

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