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    Fat Loss-What should I recommend


    Bud of mine isn't really FOR using steroids , but he just asked me if I could hook him up with something that will help him loose fat. He has always been around 160 since I have known him, but in the last few months he has gone all the way up to 190. Diet & rountine are the same. He believe is may be cause by an anti-depressent (Paxil) he is taking.

    Should I recommend CLen & or T3 to him. Not sure if he will like the side effects.

    What should I do?>

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    I would have him go back to the doctor. Have him tell his doctor that he's gaining all the weight and the only thing that has changed is the medication....... 30lbs (I'm assumming most is fat) that fast isn't good and could cause health problems.

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    you should tell him to do to his doctor and ask this, mixing hormones with prescription medication is a big risk, i gained weight on an anti depressant before, those are not the types of drugs you want to mess around with. btw, i thought paxil was for stress/anti-anxiety?

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    He may need to change his diet or do a little cardio but keep him away from clen t-3 or gear. Like they said tell him to ask his doct for avice and if he wants you help just give him cardio and diet help IMO

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    Yup diet and cardio would be the thing for him


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