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    Sust and Winny Cycle Advice

    6'3'', 210, 12% bf, athlete

    I only have about 5ml of Sust 250 left, and I have 20ml of Winny 100mg/ml.

    This will be my second cycle.

    Is this enough Sust? If I were to do 250mg every 10-14 days?

    Any cycle advice? When to take what? Good? No good?


    (P.S. - I've been tryin' to get more stuff, but I've had a hell of a time, so I'm pretty limited. It is what it is, for now. So any advice on what I have would be great.)

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    You have enough winny for the 6 weeks at 50mg ED injections.............. run the sus at 500mg a week with e3d injections for 10 weeks........... you will need a lot more

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    You need at least 400 a week of any test to be of ny bennifit. 250 is just enough to shutdown your own test and use the artificial test

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    thats good for like 2 weeks need atleast 18 -20 to run atleast 2ml a week for 9-10 weeks....then u can start whinny in like week 7 or so and then anti-e's...

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