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    Site injection? Can I get more growth?

    I am wondering if site injection will give me more growth. As opposed to just injecting in my quad or butt. I have small calves, so could I inject there and get more gains? Prop is whats being used so I heard that its good for site injections. Any light shed on this subject would be greatly appreciated


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    Has your butt grown since you started injection there?

    It can give you temporarly growth, cause itīs swollen but that will go away.

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    The spot injection debate has been ongoing for quite awhile...I'd love to see some proof or evidence of this.

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    I think I heard that was only a myth. Obviously when u inject in a certain area it will appear bigger following the injection which is due to irritated muscle fascia that you just ripped a metal object through. As far as increasing muscle growth in one certain area, I dont believe that can happen.

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    Yeah, well put it this way, there are people who only do do glute injections, and should be stickin out about 10 feet but its not, so who knows...

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