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    mix tests in cycle

    Do to lack of finances. Can I do teh following?

    1-8 weeks 400mg test eth
    1-6 weeks 280mg deca
    8-10 weeks 350 mg test prop
    10-12 proviron ?

    Or should i seriously consider purchasing some EQ after the end of the deca cycle or buy more deca??

    Or consider buying more ethanate. I can only afford one of the following. which would you buy?

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    is this your first cycle? what are your age, stats?
    you need to hold off till you get more test ethanate.
    get some more, run that for 12 weeks by itself. get some nolvadex too, this is a must.
    2 weeks of proviron =nothing
    not enough deca
    not enough prop

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    buy more deca run it till week the enathate till week 10 also. then add prop at 100mg eod for weeks (10-13) dont need proviron for 2 weeks you might as well spend your money on nolvadex for pct or problems that may arise during your cycle...good luck bro...MM

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    OH i am 26 3rd cycle...
    188 6.0% bodyfat.

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