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    sust 250

    has anyone had the sust 250 from pakistan with yellow label white ring??

    I've been on it for 8 days i've gained 5 lbs although its pretty painful results are good
    sorry no pic

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    Are you refering to the Karachi's? I'm not sure if those are it, they have yellow writing (on the glass) and the ones that I had, had a yellow ring around the neck (I think, can't remember exactly).

    So what is your actual question? In terms of it being good? Yeah, they are good, I was on the Karachi's for 8 weeks, and gained close to 30 pounds (that was my first real cycle). Did another one, but with Niles, and gained 20 pounds, so Sus is pretty good stuff.

    But I'm not sure what you are asking exactly.

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