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    New guy here with a question

    Hey guys,
    I posted here a while back when i thinking of taking trying AS. But i really didn't know anyting about it. You guys told me to do my homework and see if really want this. so iv'e been researching for about 3 months now and I've come to the conclusion it's time. I've been on creatine and protien for aslong as i can remember as well some aminos and for the last 2 months i haven't gone anywhere. I'm 5'6 145lbs and 19 years old my beach is 210 power clean 215 and it seems to be a high as i can get it. For my size i guess i would I'm pretty stong but i'm really lookin for more size then anything however the fact that no matter how hard i push i cannot put up more they 210 on the bench and it frustrates the hell out of me. I've looked at the whole picture and i was wondering what u guys think about these legal alternitives? Has anyone ever tried it? Or should i just try AS and see for myself. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could offer.


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    How much protein and carbs are you takin in a day? Peace, Doc.

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    I say stay natural as long as you can. I tried to talk my younger brother out of it who is 18 but he did it anyways. He might pay for it later. I told him his natural test was very high and to just eat eat eat and train hard, but I think he wants the easy way out. Steroids are not miracle drugs, if you do not train and eat like crazy they wont do anything for you. Keep researching until you know without a doubt what you want to do. If your having any doubts your not ready yet. I've tried various legal steroid precursors, which are very expensive, but they do work, just nowhere near what you can expect from the good stuff. Just my 2 cents bro, good luck.

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    Stay natrual a bit longer you must hit your own potential first.Eat a lot and train hard and rest even more..(you are still growing bro).......

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    I'm with the guys. Stay Natural a few years longer. At 145lbs and 19 year's old your nowhere near you natural potential. However I feel your going to go and juice anyway !, that being the case I'm sure you'll get the best anabolic advice on this board. My opinion on using 'legal' 19Nor products etc is that their a waste of money FOR ME. But I've seen other guys get great results using them. Post alittle more info here about exactly what alternatives your thinking of using and what steroids you also have in mind.


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