i honestly think this brand sucks or is underdosed or still just sucks, i am using them and i know how t3 works, i even dieting and training, and doing cardio, and my face is still bloated, thats how i can tell if it is real or good. even while i ate like **** once 2 years ago when using brazillian cytomel , i never gained fat, and my face was always lean and dry, i liked it alot. but this time im dissapointed. i thought AI was a good company, their anapolon is good.

even one member used up to 250mcg T3 per day!! and didnt get much out of it. i never pass 50-60mcg of t3 because it works well for me (REAL properly-dosed cytomel).

BTW im on it for 8 days so far, i see a difference in 1 day normally. im at 50mcg now. i think im going to taper off and get some of the brazillian kind!