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    1 AD and Nor 19 in relation to AS effects

    I heard that 1 AD does not not cause bitch tits because it doesn't aromatize but Nor 19 does. Is this true. If this is the case than wouldn't it be better to just take the 1 AD and not stack it with the Nor 19 like some people suggest?

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    you know what bro, do a search cause i got like 4 pages of info on that junk 1 AD...

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    Look to run 1 AD properly you need to take 10 pills ed,You can run a test e cycle for much cheaper and have wonderful gains....1 AD gave me bad acne,and I don't get hardly any sides from AS....This stuff is real bad for your colestrorol levels and drops your natural HGH levels.I have the blood work as proff....again bro,stay away from this crap.

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    adrenaline high
    save your cash bro, the stuff is junk. i tried it all before i took the plunge. all hype....

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    Thumbs up 1 ad

    Hi i was on 1-AD, and for a long time,it is thrue i had to take 9 pils a day to have good gains, no side effects at all...
    But i agree it is a LOT cheaper to do a good cycle...
    My nech press went up like 30 pounds,and i gaind 10 pounds,and my fat went like 2% down....

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