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    Question Sust 1st Cycle/HCG timing and frequency questions please?

    48/6'2"/211 @9-10%bf (caliper) Long time lifter.

    Plan a 1st cycle soon:

    Weeks 1-10
    Sust 250 500mg/wk ..... .85ml e3d (2ml per 7 days)
    Nova 10mg/day

    Weeks 11-13
    HCG 3000IU/wk .... 1300IU e3d (3000IU per 7 days)
    Nova 20mg/day

    Weeks 13-15
    Day one 300mg Clomid + 20mg Nova
    Days 2-11 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nova
    Days 12-21 50mg Clomid + 20mg Nova

    Basically I'm going to be a pincushion for 3 months.(Pins are no problem in SC -14 cents all day).
    Questions: I've seen conflicting info on exactly when to start the HCG. Some say a week after the last poke w/Sust? Some say almost immediatly? Some have done HCG every day in smaller qty.'s, but every 3 days seems reasonable.
    Does the Nova qty.'s seem in line to you Vets?

    As always, your experience is priceless! Thanks for your time.

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    Hey, I'm older than you!
    From my research and personal experience 500iu/day of HCG is best and remember, you only need the stuff if you get shrinkage. Some guys don't need it.

    If you have shrinkage probs in the first few weeks of your cycle I'd recommend 500 iu 2 days/week til the end of your cycle.

    I don't think it matters much whether you start HCG at the last shot or a few days later it's more important to be sure you're cleared of exogenous test before starting Clomid. HCG has a half life of only a day or so, if I recall correctly.

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