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Thread: 2nd Cycle?

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    Question 2nd Cycle?

    Hi Guys

    What''s Up?

    I had a few questions, 10 weeks ago i finished my 1st cycle of Anapolon(anadrol )and sustanon . I gained size like hell.Anyway I wanna start my 2nd cycle the 2nd week of september,Does anyone have any idea?or suggestion of what for cycle I could do? I was thinking of a 10 weeks during cycle of D-bol,Deca and Sust.The D-bol for the first 3 weeks and 400mg Deca and 500mg for 8 weeks long and some Winstrol depot the last 2 weeks to get the hard look.
    On my first cycle I had sore nipples luckely i had some Nolvadex , I took 1(10mg) a day and after 4 days it was gone.Where the doses I took enough(the Nolvadex ) whas this enough?


    I rather die joung,big and huge than die old and skinny


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    Hey bro the Deca , sust D-bol cycle that you are thinking of looks good. I would run the d-bol for the first 5 weeks rather than 3 weeks. If you are really prone to gyno I always advise using arimidex or liquidex. They not only prevent gyno but will not make you retain much water, which also helps w/ bp and other things. Also if you are prone to gyno, I don't know if you would want to risk the use of deca. I myself wouldn't because you cannot comabt gyno from deca w/ out ru-486. Maybe look into EQ instead. Just my ideas.


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    Mike Guest
    Kullman is right on everything except the last statement - if you used winny this would combat your deca gyno - deca converts into progesterone and winny will keep you from getting gyno from that - more than two weeks though - 5-6 and the dbol about 4-5

    wk 1-10

    sus 500
    deca 400

    wk 1-5

    dbol 30mg/day

    wk 7-13

    winny 50mg/ED or EOD

    wk 13

    clomid - day 1 = 300mg
    day 2-11 = 100mg/day
    day 12-21 = 50mg/day

    There ya go bro! Keep nolv on hand and do what you did - 10mg/day is good - if it doesnt go away bump to 20mg


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    Thanks Guys!

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