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Thread: 1AD/Dbol ??

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    1AD/Dbol ??

    Alright, dont chew my head off about this. Just a little curious about this combo. I see a lot of 1AD/4AD combo's out there, but what about a 1AD/Dbol combo?? Isn't this compariable?? I know Dbol alone is not good, but will the 1AD help to solidify the gains somewhat?? It would only be a 2-3 weeker to prevent a hard shutdown. Any comments from someone who has gone this route?? Thanks.

    BTW- I did a search and nothing came up about this.

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    No i dont think the 1ad would "solidify" the gains so to speak...i think it would just burn a big hole in your pocket. As far as i know the reason people use pro hormones is because they either cant get the real thing or have other personal reasons.....if your able to get AS why not just get some test and dbol ...itd be cheaper and give you 100 times more benifit than the PH's would...

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