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    Pain medication question and steroids

    My girlfriend would like to start an anavar cycle. She is a back pain patient, from a cheerleading. She takes dilauded and a duragesic patch 100mg. Would she be safe in taking this as or not. and what dose should she take if she took winstrol depot. I heard 50mg per week, but should that be split into 7 because of its short half life.
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    AS for healing or development ?

    It's hard to believe she is even able to think about working out/cheerleading if she needs those meds. Duragesic/Fentanyl is about the strongest drug out there (much stronger than Heroin) and Dilaudid runs a close second. If she needs those meds she should be unable to exercise. If anything, maybe there is something that could promote healing.

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    no,she should not mix gear and the meds she is taking. those are some strong drugs.

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