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    OK, a silly gyno question

    Alright, I cant believe I'm addressing this in an open forum, but I thought I'd try to make Vihn look good (jk). Can gyno happen without any warning signs, like puffy nips, soreness etc. I,m 4 weeks into my 1st cycle(600 sust,400deca,35mg d-bol) and I have gyno parinoia it seems like at least once a day. I'm constantly checking my tits, and no they're never sore, but sometimes I think, " hey they do look a little bigger today", especially when i'm looking down my chin at them, and not in the mirror. I fully realize that this is probably all in my head. I don't think i'm prone to gyno anyway, but I thought I'd throw this out to see if anyone else had gyno parinoia or any insight. BTW, I do have nolv on hand. Sorry if this thread sounds stupid but, I'm pretty sure I'd look terrible with 44dd's.

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    If you keep fucking with them, they will get sore and cause you to think it is gyno. Get some arimidex if it will help you sleep better at night. It will also help minimize any water retention you may be experiencing.

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    Originally posted by arthurb999
    If you keep fucking with them, they will get sore and cause you to think it is gyno.
    No shit, been there-done that. Wife thought I was turning gay or something

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    I think for the first couple of cycles everybody is paranoid about checking them.You will soon begin to imagine them being sore or feeling lumpy.Get your g/f to check them that way her imagination isn,t running wild whilst she does it.Look at like this she checks yours and you return the favour that way you,re both happy!

    Gyno does,nt very often appear with out the symptoms first

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    Its just like your nuts they get smaller so you keep checking them and you think they are like peas. ........Play with the wifes,girl freinds nips and leave yours alone....(PARANOIA)

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    im the exact same way too. I'm not as bad as some people who get a scratchy arm or something and assume they've got AIDs, but if i THINK i see any signs of gyno or something, i'll get really paranoid right away. But it always turns out to just be in my head

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