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    i bought liquid clen . and i was wondering how much do i take each day. i really want to lose weight and fat i think by me takin this and workin out i willachieve this. just swallow it rite ? should i rinse it down withanything?> also how long should i run this for. i know it causes tremors but is it safe to take. how willl it cause me to react in front of others.?

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    Im not sure which brand you have (meaning who made this Liquid Clen ) but most are around 100-120mcgs/ml. My advice would be to take 1/2ml in the morning and 1/2ml in middle afternoon. This way you will get 120mcgs/day which is ideal for a male. The "tremors" or shakes usually happen for about the first 3 days, but then should subside. Cycling this for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off is ideal also. I personally like 16-18 day cycles, but most like 14 days. Good luck. You will probably enjoy the liquid clen results you will have. PEACE! ROCK

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