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Thread: Cycling Esters?

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    Cycling Esters?

    Is it benificial to rotate test esters? The debate on receptors jamming is still unclear to me. If there is no need to change esters, then why does palumbo always recomend enan. for x weeks, and then cyp. for y weeks. If this is a good thing to practice, how often do u switch?

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    test is test---the esters have to be cleaved from the molecule--liberating it if you will-so that it can be used by the body

    the ester is a timed release mechanism--esters like enanthate and undecyclenate take a long time for your body to process and others like propianate and acetate can be processed very quickly

    there is no need to rotate esters

    now rotating actual drugs--that is another story

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    I agree the ester has nothing to do with the drug except for how long it'll take to be fully releaced into your system


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    There may not be a need to rotate, but along the with the timing comments... Sometimes guys like to end a test E cycle with a little prop. That way, you can shoot the test all the way to 3 days before PCT as apposed to 14 days.

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    Agreed with everyone above the ester won't really change the effect of the drug although ending with a fast acting ester to allow for a quicker PCT has benefits in terms of clearance time.

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