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    Question nolv./prov. substitute?

    During my next cycle im going to take arimidex during my steriod phase and planned on nolv./clomid post-cycle......i may not be able to get my hands on nolvadex ....would proviron be a ok substitute for post with clomid?

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    NO...proviron will shut down your HPTA. It is not to be used post cycle. If you can't get nolva then stay with the arimidex all the way thru clomid. It is better than nolva post cycle IMO...What I do when I start pct is increase my arimidex dose to 1mg/d on the day I start clomid but I keep taking it at the regular dose during the time I am waiting for clomid as well. Remember arimidex actually slightly increases test production so it is better than nolva for pct IMO..

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    arimidex is a better choice than nolva, just a little more expensive......

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    Proviron will hamper recovery of HPTA.... do not use it..... if you can't get nolva then just run clomid for PCT...... arimidex , proviron, femera........ these type of anti-e's will hamper your recovery.

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