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    NEEd SOme INput on CHerry PoPPer!

    Hey Guys how you doin!.
    Im not doing my first cycle for a while ... but am putting on together .... and want it to be as perfect as possible i tweaked my cycle slightly from ..
    weeks 1-4 Dianabol 25mg ED
    weeks 1-10 Test. Cyp 400mg (200mg on Mon 200mg on Thurs)
    weeks 12 Thurs:300mg Clomid
    week 12/13 Fri-Thurs:100mg Clomid ED
    week 13/14 Fri-Thurs:50mg Clomid ED

    Now i Have changed it too...
    weeks 1-4 Dianabol 20mg ED
    weeks 1-8 Test. Cyp 400mg
    weeks 9-10 Test. Prop 200mg EOD (mon,wed,fri,sun,tue,thur,sat,mon 8 shots)
    2 days (wed) after last Prop shot 300mg Clomid followed (thurs-wed) 7 days of 100mg ED and (thurs-wed)7 days of 50mg ED

    Along with some Clenbuterol post cycle (or ECA)

    Question .... If my last Cyp 200mg shot is on thurs... should i shoot the prop on Mon or the following Thurs?

    Ill give some stats coz i know ull ask!
    5'8 200lbs 15% 19yrs 6 yrs training exp.
    This wil be the first mass cycle i want to do atleast 2-3 mass cycles then a cutting cycle leading up to IFBB State comp in AUS in 2003 (next oct)

    Now i wont be doing my cycle until mid yr no doubt so input would be great , no flames , negative input is welcome (age related) nothing is set in stone at the moment but i definitley would like to compete in the jnr IFBB's.

    sorry if its a little confusing
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    yes i also have nolva on hand too forgot to mention!

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    looks fine bro but why not throw in some deca . In this game its 1+1=3, it would def be worth it. Anyway best of luck partna

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    looks good to me also....the only thing i would change is, i like a little more dbol , maybe 35mg

    start the prop on monday...if you wait until thursday the cyp levels will be down to low.......

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    looks ok
    20 mgs dbol to me is a waist,35-50 is more benificial.
    and a far as the prop 100 mg ed,not every other day,for 3 wks

    oh and by the way your too young

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    Thanks guys i probs will up the dbol ...
    i was waiting for the too young comment.

    i know i am and no doubt i will wait a while .... but when im ready i want to know exactly what im doing i already have a natropathic liver tonic made up for me for when i do , do it i said to my natropath about what i may be taking so she took care of me .. but thanks for the input when i do decide to take the plunge i will let you know and hopefully (regardless of if im too young) you will be behind me to help me through it .

    thanks guys.

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