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    Ummmmm, I forgot?

    Talking I love me some quad injections!

    Well guys, I'm starting my cycle. Took my first quad shot ever on Sunday, 250mg Sus and 100mg Deca . I couldn't believe how awsome that was. After all the nightmare threads I read about hitting nerves/veins/and GOD knows what else, needless to say I was a bit scared. After about 15mins of psyching myself up, I finally manned up and started to poke into my quad........while waiting for that initial piercing prick feeling that I get when going into the arse, I noticed the pin gliding in nice and smooth. I called the wife in to push the plunger, she was suprised how tough it was to push, but we got it all in!

    I must say, the injection was painless....but about 20mins later it felt like I got a charlie horse from a powerful thumb, later that evening the thumbsize grew to a childs hand, yesterday the pain grew into a Mike Tyson shot to the leg! Today I've obtained a slight limp, I'm starting to massage it every so often and it seems to alleviate some pain. Man I can't wait to hit the other leg tomorrow! The friggin dbol is kickin in too, veins are buldging in my forearms just typing this little update! I weighed in yesterday at 240lbs, not sure on bf right now, but it's grow time so really don't care too much right now.....I will monitor my midsection while on though so it don't get outta control......I'm watchin my food intake very carefully so I'm not feeding myself any old ****.......I'm taking in approximately 300 g's of protein a day (give or take a few grams), keeping fats low and carbs moderate. I'm easing into my workouts for this first week, but already because of the dbol (I think), I can feel the intensity picking up...........I'm looking very forward to week 3 and beyond! I will keep yall updated with progress. Sorry I didn't take any before pics, My wife didn't wanna waste film not sure if that's a good thing or is she trying to say something I'll be sure to get some pics out here at some point! Later for now.

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    Good job bro. You'll get better at giving yourself shots and won't feel anything other than a dull ache most times. Just remember to be clean, go slow and be safe.

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    it seems to help me if i rub it in after the shot

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    I love hitting the problem and no pain..

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    Just hit mine last night!!! Ahhh. I love it. The first few pokes I hit a nerve, but once I found a nice place, the needle slides right in. I always look forward to injection day!

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