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    Ending sus with faster acting test

    I read a thread from a while ago promoting the use of ftase acting compunds at the end of the cycle. Which of course makes perfect sense to me and i wish i would have thought of this b4 i started my cycle. Anyway i finished my last sust shot 2weeks ago and was wondering is it is worth running some winny for a week or so. I know this may be a really dumbass question but as far as i know some of the test is still in my system so would this benifit me and if so how much and for how long??


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    I wouldn't bother with the winny, especially for only a week or so. The test is nearly out of your system anyway.


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    like moto said you have been done for a couple weeks and only might have a couple weeks of quality test gains left so you should stop! winny for a week wont help you any.

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