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    need help with cycle!!

    Im going on my 7th week of sust 250 and I am getting 20cc of deca . I am also goingaway for 2 weeks and will not ahve access to any gear during that time. Should I start the deca right after I finish my test in 2 weeks or should i come off and then go back on just taking the deca. If i do decided totally come off the test and then start the deca, will I ahve to take novla and clomid or will the deca keep my level up?

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    i would say finish the cycle of sust and just save the deca for another cycle. Def. take the nolva and clomid though.

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    Jsut come off and finish with your clomid. Dotn start the deca .

    Id do more research next time and have everything planned before you start.

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